"Change your thinking change your life"

-- Ralph Waldo Emerson

The Mind-Body Connection Intensive will start you on the path to living a more purpose filled life.

You will learn powerful & practical tools for your own personal development or to work with clients.  Next Training Sept 29 2017

At the Intensive training, you learn how to “Read” the human body! You learn the significance of the different body shapes and what all the body parts are expressing. You will learn about how what you’re thinking and how you feel about it, is expressed by how you look and then you learn how to correct it. The understanding that comes from the new information about yourself allows you to see the real you. You learn how to see yourself through new eyes. With compassion and non-judgement.

Your Life is written all over your face, your hands, your feet and all the parts in between. That’s how you have come to look the way that you do!

Your Soul is directing you through your body.
That’s right….if you understood what your body is saying, it will tell you what your life’s purpose is!

Have you ever wondered why you’re so unhappy? Can’t figure out why you are so hard on yourself? You constantly put yourself down and hardly ever give yourself credit for how hard you work or how good you are to others? When you look in the mirror and never like what you see?

Truth is, you’re not alone. The strategies in the Intensive have been around for a long time but only in the last 30 years years have they been put into this format that continues to evolve and shows people around the world how to heal their lives on the deepest level. You learn easy to implement and practical tools you can use right away and for the rest of your life that give you an inside track to understanding yourself and those around you.

The skeleton tells the story of your life as you are growing through to maturity. The skin,  the flesh, will tell the story of the emotional attachment to the experiences you’ve had in your life. That is why you look the way you do! We say “the issues in the tissues“. The body says it all and it never lies!

Do you think this could be valuable information?  What about all the others in your life?  We spend alot of time pondering everyone else around us.  What if we were able to see into their inner world just by observing how they stand? How much do you think you could learn about someone from the shape of their face, their nose or their eyes? You might be surprised what you discover!

This is powerful information to have if you’re looking to take on a new business partner or start a new relationship. If you could recognize that your business partner was more about having fun than applying themself to the task at hand, you may not use valuable energy going down a path that was not meant to be. Or maybe you would just like to understand your children or your parents better.  This one aspect alone makes it a valuable life skill tool.

This may be the deepest work you ever do. Truthfully, not everyone is ready or willing to go that deep. This is why I have an application process.  I am passionate about this work. It changes lives! It requires a commitment and a willingness to move forward.  You need to have the desire to create a shift in your life. Because only you can do it for you. It requires being completely honest with yourself.   It’s an elevated way of thinking and behaving that way will lift you up out of the patterns that are preventing you from living the life you have been dreaming of. Maybe you don’t even know what that life could look like because it’s been so long since you’ve had hope.

As you come through each day of the course you will see that your hopes and dreams have only been pushed to the side but they are still there. Each day brings you more clarity and awareness that by day 10 you will have a plan for your life. You will go back to your world regrouped and with tools! You are now on the path to Self Mastery!

What if things don't change?

What will life look like in 3,6 or 9 months, a year from now?