Before and After Pictures...

The Face Split
The Face Splits we do in Psychosomatic Therapy are for the benefit of the client and/or Practitioner.  It allows you to see the Balance or Imbalance in your facial features which translate into “the issues in their tissues” or more deeply explain what is going on in their body and in their life.

     October 2008 before first Psychosomatic Therapy Class

The is two right sides fused together to show the imbalances in the masculine aspect of the person. This has to do with what I think the outside world expects of me and conditioning relating to my upbringing and my emotional attachment to all of that.
The image in the middle is a photo of the client straight on. ”.
This pic is of two left sides. It displays the emotions and issues related to their feminine aspect. It also expresses the client’s nurturing tendencies and gives answers to the blocked creativity or overflow of energy..


             This pic is 4 months after taking the courses and then returning.    Practitioners  return to the courses during their one year     practicum (at no extra charge).
After certification the practitioner can apply to any Practitioner certification, taught by any teacher, around the world…at no charge for the course.   There are so many benefits to returning. The physical changes are massive proof of the internal shifts happening for me.    My body was starting to heal without surgery or medication.
I had Diverticulitous, which was leaving me without control of my body’s functions. I had endometriosis and suffered from pain all day long.
I hadn’t realized how my facial expressions were showing the truth of unhappiness.  The misery on the inside was effecting all my relationships.  
     I became passionate about yoga and teaching. I started working with the quartz crystal singing bowls.  The bowls showed me a new way to work with my students and a deeper way to connect with myself and my body.


      The Facesplit is showing how I have let go off alot of the harsh self treatment. The roundness shows how sensitive I am and the underlying issues I have been suppressing.
  I am learning how I protect my heart by being strong. I don’t want people to think I’m weak or that there is anything wrong in my life.
   I attended several classes in those two years.  Each one gave me new insights and new tools. These trainings gave me the opportunity to be around like-minded souls just like myself. The experience was invaluable.
 This is the first day of Masters Level training. I have now been using the therapies in my life. There have been so many changes and I’m ready for more.  As my life has changed so have the people in it. I have found a new family with all the other practitioners. Our issues may all be different but we are all searching for change and growth. We are discovering that we have a choice in life and are finding personal freedom as we learn how to release the limiting old beliefs and behaviors.

This is at day 10 of Masters. I still look fairly similar, and yes I have more expression… but if you look at the shape of the jaw & chin you see that is different now. I have come through processes in the last 10 days that showed me how to feel supported in myself. 

One year later, life & I are looking different again. I have felt so much more connected to my body. I was intrigued by yoga, which never used to feel very good. With my new understanding of my body that has all changed. 

Lorrel & Larry