Mind Body Business Coach

Your Body is Your Business


        Imagine…every day that you go to work, you get paid for living your dream.  Discover how to release the blockages that have been holding you back, possibly your whole life.

For over 30 years as an entrepreneur who loves working with people, I recognized that most of us want the same thing:
-to be happy
– to be able to do what we love to do
    Imagine you were able to do what you’re passionate about and you got paid really well to do it!

I love to share how to do this through healing the parts of your life that’s preventing you from living fully. You too, can create the life of your dreams.

It took years to discover the method that healed my body & my life.  I’m passionate about sharing how you too can have all you dream of and more.  Love your life and experience what it feels like when you are consciously in your body, living with purpose.  That’s the ‘mind-body’ connection.

I had exhausted so many options, treatments & therapies searching for a solution to the pain in my body and the emotional turmoil in my life. My ailments and life challenges had become a sad & lonely path and I finally had to admit it wasn’t how I wanted to live anymore.

My search took years but I eventually found a method to heal my body & my life. 

When the student is ready, the teacher will appear’

                You too can learn how to become                            the healer of your life.