From Psssion to Profit

Lorrel Elian

Lorrel Elian created the Passion to Profit program to help entrepreneurs like her, make more money in their businesses using the power of social media. Practitioners, Therapists and Wellness marketers everywhere look to Lorrel to help them deploy effective strategies to build, grow and market their businesses. 

The program, Passion to Profit teaches you, the entrepreneur, how to take what you love to do, the Passion, and develop effective strategies to earn income, the Profit, while doing what you love. 

Master Classes are offered throughout the year and are delivered online. 

Contact Lorrel to learn more about the program.

Lorrel Elian created Passion to Profit to help entrepreneurs create wealth while doing what they love. Lorrel teaches Practitioners, Therapists, Wellness marketers and others how to effectively create a social media strategy to build, grow and market their businesses online.

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