Psychosomatic Therapy CERTIFICATION COURSE

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Course # PSCHO1 1 day – 11 hrs (9am to 8pm)

Psychosomatic Breakthrough

  • The Evolution of BodyMind Medicine – Understanding our own Body Mind.
  • The Role of Psychosomatic Therapy – The new paradigm.
  • What is Psychosomatic Therapy and BodyMind consciousness?
  • Psychosomatic Principles
  • The Three Keys to success!
  • The Magic of BodyMind Communication
  • Why are You the shape You are In?

Our physical condition is the collective cellular memory of how we have weathered our life’s experiences. The mental and emotional attitude that affects body functions, is evident in the shape, structure and performance of our body – our vehicle of life.

“As we heal our inner world we heal the world outside.”

Course # PSCHO2 1 day – 11 hrs (9am to 8pm)

The Art of Reading Faces

Face Reading is one of the most powerful experiences of getting to know yourself and others. It opens the doors to understanding the depth of your Soul. Who are you? Why do you look the way you do? Can you see the most intimate loving aspect of your Spirit?

In Face Reading, you will understand how the patterns of your thoughts have been expressed in the fleshing out of your tissue. What are the causal patterns of your DNA? What emotional patterns are you carrying in your genes? Every thought your parent’s and grandparents have had is living in your DNA. Look in the mirror, is your left side and right side of your face in balance? How does this affect other areas of your life? With awareness, you can change anything! This course will show you how!

How come a cartoonist can draw a few lines on a paper and we know exactly who it is? Could these be characteristic of a person? There is nothing more interesting or life changing than studying yourself. Take this next step in truly loving yourself by loving your face!

You will learn: How our Inner World is creating our Outer World and how it is etched on your face.

  • How our face shapes are the blueprints of our Spiritual energy.
  • How this structure indicates the potential for our personality’s performance.
  • The difference between the left/right brain functions and how to bring them into balance.
  • How each individual feature or parts of the face speak a language of its own.
  • That the eyes are the Windows to the Soul and are our point of view of the World.
  • Why the nose is our ego or personality, the nose ‘knows’ and ‘knows’ it all.
  • How the forehead indicates our frame of mind through which we perceive the World.

Course # PSCHO3 – 3 Days – 33 Hrs (9am to 8pm)

Body Mind Analysis

Would you like to create radical changes in your life? How do you do this? By taking conscious responsibility through awareness of ‘the shape you are in’. This workshop in itself is a Therapy, designed to release tensions and create in-depth healing in mental, emotional and physical states. By understanding how you hold your tension, you will be able to let go and allow your true spirit or life force soar to your unlimited potential.

  • The Arms branch out and express the creativity from the heart
  • The Legs support the carriage and pump the stream of life through the trunk.
  • The Joints are points of decision-making, they act and react as the mind directs.
  • The Feet connect the body mind and Soul to the earth through the soles of the Soul.

Here is just a portion of what you will learn:

  • If you are in a fight patterns; when your mind lets go of the issues, the body will let go of the tissues.
  • If you are in a flight pattern; how to ground yourself and live in your body, “you have no body else”.
  • To release cellular memory and old habits.
  • How breathing patterns release stress and cellular memory.
  • Posture and body language determine your attitude in life.
  • To balance the male-female energy and left/right brain responses.
  • The flow of energy through the body’s major centers determines your health and fitness.

Course # PSCHO4 1 day – 11 hrs (9am to 8pm)

The Language of the Hands

The sense of touch is the finest form of emotional and mental expression. Your hands are an extension of your Heart, they give you the experience to feel the love in everything you touch. The healing power of your hands and the delicate instrumentation of the fingers give life dimension and shape.

You will discover the deeper meaning of touch:

  • By listening and feeling inside whatever you touch outside.
  • That great character and potential lies “on the tip of your fingers”
  • That your hands are the most sensory communicators you have.
  • By understanding each digit of the finger and its part in the expression of your life.

Conduct and perform analysis of personality potential characteristics in the hands. Learn to love and respect your beautiful hands. They are the true teachers of touch. Remember how Grandma’s food tasted so good because she put a lot of love in it with her loving hands.

Course # PSCHO5 – 2 days – 22hrs (9am to 8pm)

Emotional Anatomy & Bodywork

PSCH01-4 are a pre-requisite to attending this module. In this course, we go deeper into overall patterns in behaviors of the Body Mind.

The anatomical structure is the blueprint that supports the expression of our experiences of life. The internal pulsation of life that maintains this structure and the organs are eventually expressed outside as psychosomatic attitudes and behavior that grow into belief systems. These are rationalized as emotional and mental states. Our internal relationships then determine our performance, self-image and our interaction with others and the issues of life itself.

You will discover:

  • How structure creates psychological function.
  • How interaction and relationships are affected by habitual behavior.
  • Somatic education & clinical direction, enabling you to release the past.
  • The practical experience of ‘Emotional Release Points’ on the physical body.

– Notice how the Neuro Linguistic Programming of old core belief patterns are released from the cellular memory held in the tissues and posture of the body.
– Experience the freedom to express your soul’s true potential and its life’s purpose.

“As long as habit and routine dictate the pattern of living, new dimensions of the Soul will not emerge.”

PSCHO6 – 2 Day – 22 Hrs (9am to 8pm)

Psychosomatic Practitioner Certificate III

Psychosomatic Therapy takes the most basic steps to create Natural Therapy as a way of life. This is the Health Science of the Future and the Future is NOW! (2 Day – 22 Hrs)

Psychosomatic Therapy takes the most basic steps to create Natural Therapy as a way of life. This systematic process of self-awareness is an essential tool for realistic personal and spiritual growth in all aspects of your life. Experience the combination of Psychotherapy and Quantum Physics, and learn how the Neuro Linguistic programming of old core belief patterns can be released and replaced by balance, posture and muscle toning.

The Certification requirements include:

  • A practical analysis and report in class on the client.
  • Psychosomatic analysis of how and why dis-ease appears in a body.
  • Practical training: psychosomatic recommendations for alleviating dis-ease in the body.
  • Fine tuning of your work to recognize subtle messages.
  • Observe your client’s total history that stands before you.
  • Recommend appropriate treatment and practices for change.
  • Experience the profound changes that occur during and after the session and the subtle release of past conditioning from the unconscious

“Experience the true potential of who you are. What an incredible Journey to self-discovery

Psychosomatic Therapist- Practitioner Certificate lll

Psychosomatic Breakthrough 1 day
The Art of Reading Faces 1 day
Body Mind and Feet Limbs Joints 3 days
Language of the Hands 1 day
Emotional Anatomy and Emotional Analysis 2 days
Practitioner Certification and Psychosomatic related Diseases 2 days
Reflective Learning 2 days

*Additional 2 Day Intensive for Certification Compulsory- Booked at a date closer to completion of logbooks for certification

*This is a residential retreat intensive

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