Will it work for me?

Through the process of each of the classes, you learn to understand your body and your life, on a very deep level.

10 Days, All about you! Ever wonder why you seem to get the opposite of what it is you want in Life? You will be fascinated to discover what each of these Body parts have to say about and what message it’s sending to the outside world. The key to your Life’s purpose is written all over your face and once you learn how to read it you’ll understand why you are having the experiences you’ve been having all your life. And wouldn’t that be powerful if you could send out the message about how you want to be treated! How different would your relationships look and feel?

I was amazed at what each of my body parts said about how I felt about myself, and even more surprised that others could read it. You will learn easy, practical tools that you can start using immediately to change the experience you want in your every day life. Have you wanted to find that real, true lasting relationship? Want to resolve conflict in your relationships?

You will learn in a safe & non-judgmental group environment, why your body and your life had come to be in the shape they’re in and the best part…You will learn the 3 Fundamental Keys to supporting that change in Life. You will understand how to release the patterns that no longer serve you, in fact the patterns that are preventing you from having what it is you desire right now. That’s right, the “Shift Changer”! There is no other training available that will take you so deep without asking a commitment of several years and several tens of thousands of dollars that this unique 10 days will give you. I know, because I too was on the journey of searching for the answers to fix my broken life & body. I’m the perfect example of how far someone can come from being so miserable & physically broken to living a pretty wonderful life.

Can I share something with you? 

I thought it was too late for me! At a time in my life when I should have been so happy and content, I was anything but! I had everything but felt so empty, alone and misunderstood. I was terrified that if I had just lived the best half of my life, what was the next half going to look like? I was so exhausted from life, I had many times wished I would go to sleep and just not wake up in the morning.

The Psychosomatic Therapy Courses showed me the main reasons for my exhaustion. And “Yes!” It took a lot of energy to be me!

I did my very best to be liked, to be friendly, to be approved and loved.. Isn’t this what Life is all about, isn’t that what everyone else is searching for…acceptance & Love?

Was I the only one who didn’t have this? Is this how you feel?

I have since learned that “Yes…” many are searching, for many of these same reasons I was and many are in the kind of shape I was in too! I have had so many surgeries I had lost track. I kept my Doctors and surgeons busy coming up with solutions for me. They didn’t know why I was experiencing so much pain, but they diligently searched for answers for me! I have always had a great Doctor and these days I rarely see her! Since I adapted the techniques I learned from the Psychosomatic Practitioner Course, I have been able to change the way I think and feel about my life and the previous issues no longer affect me.

Now, as I walk through every day of my life now I continually use the techniques I learned in the course and my life continues to Open up in New and Wonderful Ways. Those who have known me all my life are amazed at how I have transformed. I no longer carry the emotional baggage that “weighted” me down. At 50, I look younger than I did at 40. I physically move through every day of my life with ease and gratitude. There are still occasional bumps but now I have tools!

I am so grateful to have found Psychosomatic Therapy. It gave me the tools I needed to not only fix my life, to create one better than I could have imagined!

Every moment of every day, I live more fully aware of the potential I am capable of

…and it is Grand!

Does this sound like something you’ve been looking for?

Experience how learning to have Compassion for yourself, gives those around you Inspiration, Strength and Courage to live their Lives as fully as you are!

By registering in the Psychosomatic Therapy Courses, you are making a choice to live a More Purpose Filled. To experience more depth of meaning in every moment.

And you are doing it for the most Important person in your World….


Don’t wait another day to live your best moments

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