Your Emotional Mind

The Voice of the Soul

What are You communicating through your Body's Language?

 How come you hadn't heard this before or that you don't understand how it works...

The words you speak are different than the message being sent

You may not have heard about Sacred Body Language. Many don't know what it is and if they did, our world would look quite different. When you have a deeper connection to yourself, there is alot less drama alot more compassion. 

 The relationship your body has with your mind is among the most fascinating. Whatever role you play in your life as a daughter or son, sister or brother, father or mother, teacher or employer, that if you were able to understand the sacred language of the body, you would more accurately and more deeply understand yourself and others. 

The answers you are searching for are in your body. Your body speaks the deepest truth of who you are and is why your life looks the way it does. Reading the language of your body allows you to understand yourself at a soul level.  

 Download the Body Language Communication Guide I created for you. It will help you to start understanding why you're in the shape you're in and how that plays a role in the condition your life in.

What is the Mind Body Connection?

You can discover what your life's purpose is... if you understand what your body is trying to tell you.

It's easier than you may have realized. You're absorbing all the messages around you anyway so why not use this for your greater higher good? If you had the tools to understand what the messages were, you would also be able to change how you're experiencing your life right now. 

 Would you like to live daily without stress or fear?

 ...What if you had easy and practical tools that allowed you to make better descisions about your future so you could have greater impact in your relationships & in your career and that would effect your health & happiness in a more profound and posative way. 

When you understand how your body has come to be in the shape it's in, you're being given the keys to unlocking the mystery of who you are and your hidden gifts.

The relationship your body has with your mind is among the most fascinating of topics and our greatest platform for understanding our world. Whatever role you play in your life as a daughter or son, sister or brother, employer, or in your career or profession, that if you were able to understand the language of the body, you would more accurately and more deeply understand yourself and the people or situations you encounter every moment of every day.

 Are you unhappy or feeling lost in your life? Maybe you're at a crossroads and wonder how you ended up here or how you're going to move forward... 

Want a deeper connection to yourself, your loved ones, others in your life? 

 See the "bigger picture". When you are "reading" the body, you are looking through the eyes of compassion & understanding. There is no judgment, no explanation required. When you are able to see others in their truth, you understand the truth of who you are. 

 Imagine a world with no more drama, no more lies. What would that look like? How would it feel to know truth of who you are, to know that you have a say in what your life looks like. That is what real self empowerment is. With awareness, guidance and easy practical tools, you find your way through the puzzle of your life and leave the struggles behind. These are not tricks or gimmicks...these are abilities and functions you already have. You can tap into the source of your body's forgotten language, it is the core of who you really.

I have learned how to do it and and you can too! That's how "Your Emotional Mind" came to be created. 

What is Your Emotional Mind?

Lorrel Elian- I love and deeply appreciate the freedom that I get to live because I chose the path of Personal Mastery. This has allowed me to have greater impact in th lives of those I serve so they too can claim their Health & their Wealth.

My Signature Pracitioner retreat with coaching program is what I am most proud of. So many lives are transformed. 

What people are passionate about is generally what comes from their personal pain & struggle. How do you take the struggle, fears and pain and make it the bridge that heals your life? That's what I learned to do and now I am the guide for those who are ready to journey past the pain to living extraordinary, purpose filled lives.

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I am passionate about sharing the tools that transform lives through Emotional Based Anatomy Certificate Trainings, Retreats and Mentorship. That's why "Your Emotional Mind" was created

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