If you have a passion for serving & healing and you want to realize your dreams of personal freedom through doing what you love to do…know that it is absolutely possible to take what you dream about doing and turn it into what supports you. The path of discovering “how” takes you on your journey to releasing the blockages that have been holding you back, possibly your whole life.

For over 30 years as an entrepreneur who loves working with people, I recognized that most of us want the same thing… to be happy and to be able to do what we love to do. My mission has been to do what I love to do and have it support me.

I love to share with people how to do this through healing the parts of your life that’s preventing you from living it fully. See how you too can create the life of your dreams by letting go of the past.

My journey hasn’t been easy. It took being broken in my body, mind & spirit to pull me out of the pit of my damaged life & body. I learned how to put up a good front. I was so good at hiding my pain, those close to me didn’t even know what I was going through. I adopted mantras like “walk the walk” and “Fake till you make it” which are great mantras, but that only hid the truth of who I was, even to myself. I had completely lost touch with happiness and my body.

I was in so much pain, the Doctors couldn’t explain it. I had exhausted so many other avenues, treatments & therapies. We don’t come into this world with a manual, the Psychosomatic Therapy Course is the manual. It will show you how to unravel the twists & turns in your life, and your body-mind relationship, and help you to understand why you’ve come to be in the shape you’re in…so you can write the rest of your life story.